IF: Tree


Digital Hippy Tree


For Illustration Friday’s word, Tree. I am working with digital drawing, and I’m still perfecting and learning and just really trying to get the hang of it. Frustrating it is…but I’m hoping that I can get better at it. All I need is practice, just as I need practice drawing too. And hoping I don’t get discouraged in the process and give up. I still feel more comfortable with my pencils and my pens and my colored pencils…ahh, but I need to explore new mediums and get out of my comfort zone!!

I still want to recreate this using my pens and pencils. I probably will. But I want to someday make code mush t-shirts with digital designs. And also make digital images for a website. Then of course, work on making those monthly magazines I used to make in high school, but with a more professional look. I have to get more professional, but also keep my style and of course be happy with my work.

I cannot stress how I get soooo discouraged sometimes!!



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