I know I might have said in previous posts that I love to draw a CRAZY FACE in my journal everyday. Well, I’ve started an electronic sketchpad/journal and now I can do my CRAZY FACE faces digitally! So…more CRAZY FACE to come. How did I come up with it??

Well, one night me and Isaac were watching a B-Movie (I can’t think of the title) but it had a handicapped guy who owns a chimp to help him with picking things up and to just help him all around. Well, the chimp goes crazy violent (I don’t remember what set him off) but while we were watching it there was this paused close up of the main character with this look of horror, so I blurted out “crazy face” and we laughed so hard for like 10 minutes. So now, anytime in a movie where they zoom in on a face like that, I always say “crazy face.” Just one of those funny mush moments.


IF: Tree


Digital Hippy Tree


For Illustration Friday’s word, Tree. I am working with digital drawing, and I’m still perfecting and learning and just really trying to get the hang of it. Frustrating it is…but I’m hoping that I can get better at it. All I need is practice, just as I need practice drawing too. And hoping I don’t get discouraged in the process and give up. I still feel more comfortable with my pencils and my pens and my colored pencils…ahh, but I need to explore new mediums and get out of my comfort zone!!

I still want to recreate this using my pens and pencils. I probably will. But I want to someday make code mush t-shirts with digital designs. And also make digital images for a website. Then of course, work on making those monthly magazines I used to make in high school, but with a more professional look. I have to get more professional, but also keep my style and of course be happy with my work.

I cannot stress how I get soooo discouraged sometimes!!



IF: Shy


For Illustration Friday’s word: Shy.

Being shy isn’t a bad trait, as some people would like to say…

I know how it is to be shy and sometimes it hurts to try and speak up, speak out, and express yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, or that you don’t have the same thoughts and characteristics as outspoken people. It’s just a horrible uncomfortable feeling to be around people sometimes, or to try and talk to complete strangers, or to even co-workers or your peers. When I’m around people I’m comfortable with I can be quite funny and loud and just generally like everyone else. But you wouldn’t know that if you just met me…

And you’d think as you get older the feeling of shyness goes away, but I feel it’s only gotten worse with me. As I take a look at what lies ahead for me, or if I try to start a career in art, it only frightens me and I stop dead in my tracks of progress. Maybe it is just fear and not shyness that makes me this way, but it’s something I must confront and stop it from controlling my life sometimes…

anyway, I know there are a lot of sensitive people in this world who are like me and it helps to have people in your life who understand how it feels to be sensitive. They can push you and give you a positive boost in a negative world…